What is business process automation? If you haven’t lived under a rock for the last 20 years we know that technology is becoming more prevalent in our lives. However, there are few who apply the same technology in their business, especially if they are smaller companies or trades.

Why? It is mostly about ignorance, ie the inability to look at certain problems in business through the "glasses" of technology that is available to us today. Therefore, the automation of business processes can be reduced to:

Business process automation, also known as business automation or digital transformation, is a technologically enabled automation of complex business processes.

The main problem is that small businesses or trades are mostly not even aware of the possibilities that technology can bring to their business, and if they are aware then they mostly have a misconception about the cost of introducing automation. Therefore, through this blog post, we would like to bring you closer to the possibilities of automation itself and the various ways in which it can help you in business.

Advantages of business automation

The advantages are many, in most cases you yourself are not even expert enough in the field to see all the possibilities that technology can provide you. To make sure that you take advantage of all the benefits, be sure to contact a professional who will go through the process of your business with you in detail and suggest where I could automate the same process.

Web Influence offers FREE analysis of your business process and automation capabilities. If you think that something could be automated in your business but you are not sure how, feel free to contact us at info@web-influence.com.hr and our team will help you with any questions you may have regarding the automation of business processes.

Advantages of automation

  • Better control over processes in the company
  • Easier and faster access to data
  • Maximum use of time
  • Improved productivity
  • Better analysis of work habits
  • Error reduction
  • Doing business without a pile of paper
  • Better work management

Example of business process automation

Below are examples for smaller businesses or for large firms.

Example of trade in XY products.

The store owner keeps a record of products sold in a notebook every day, and also has a separate notebook for products that are in stock. In his business, he often has problems forgetting to order certain products, and additionally pays for express delivery in order to meet the demand and continue with successful sales. Notebooks become impractical for him and he decides to automate his business.

After automation, the owner has all the data on the smartphone neatly arranged in tables. It also has the option of sorting by best-selling products and thus can see what needs to be ordered.

Automation alone has saved a lot of money because order errors no longer occur. It also now has the ability to analyze and keep statistics on product sales which allows it an additional service.

An example of a smaller firm with a couple of employees.

Company XY has trouble assigning a business task to its employees. They currently use text messaging or email communication. The speed of data transfer is not a problem for them, however other colleagues do not have a complete picture of the work that has already been done or that has been assigned to other colleagues.

After automation, the company and all its employees have access to a web browser where they see all the tasks assigned to colleagues and tasks that have been completed or are in the process of completion. The owner of the company also has a better picture of the speed of task execution, and sees which tasks create the biggest problems in the company and can be adjusted accordingly.

After automation, the company has visibly felt the relief of the current business and they have more opportunities to expand.


The results you can achieve by automating and simplifying the process are astounding. Whether you make workflows easier, you’ll work faster in the field, or you just want to make sure work is done right every time, business process automation helps organizations stay competitive by making it easier for them to do what they do.