It is known that nowadays it is very difficult to break into the market without quality Internet advertising, almost regardless of what you do.

However, a lot of entrepreneurs and craftsmen are not familiar with the way internet advertising works. One of the main mistakes and common opinions of a lot of people is that the Internet space does not change and that their content will have the same value over time as on the first day.

This primarily applies to websites, because a lot of people do not understand their importance and think that it is enough to be active and up-to-date on social networks, and a website is only there to have it.

The truth, however, is completely different. No one today can deny the importance of social media, but websites are still reserved for serious and relevant content, a place from which one can read a lot about your company or craft, and ultimately about yourself.

By ignoring the website, which is the basic thing through which serious users see you through their mobile phones or computers, you leave the impression of frivolity and superficiality. This is especially a problem if you have fierce competition, so potential customers and buyers look at every detail, so because of your old and outdated website, they get a bad image of you and opt for competition.

Web trends and standards change from day to day, so it should come as no surprise that sites launched two or three years ago, or even less, are called old.

Regardless of age, your website can look old right after it is created, if you leave it in the hands of someone who does not follow new trends, say "a small neighbor who understands the Internet".

Serious websites have their price, because of everything behind them, years of experience and work of designers, thousands of written developer codes, and ultimately daily tracking of trends and improvements which also requires a lot of time.

It is clear that not everyone understands web design, but in that case it is important to contact experts who will know how to tell you more about your current website, as well as suggest and make a quality redesign of the same.

If you have not yet realized the importance of a quality and modern website, we bring you a few reasons why you should replace your old website with a new website with a modern design and better functionality.

A website needs a redesign because it looks outdated

Here, as we have already mentioned, is not only a problem in the age and date of creation of the website, but in the way it was arranged, that is, to whoever worked on it.

From the choice of typography, dazzling images and animations, the lack of concrete content in a visible place, these are all reasons for redesigning a website, and there are many more and experienced web designers will be visible at first glance.

The website needs a redesign because it is not responsive (adapted to all device resolutions)

One of the biggest drawbacks of old websites or the trend that has made a complete revolution in web design is the Responsiveness of websites.

As very few people today use a laptop or personal computer for everyday surfing, and almost all of them have moved to smartphones, websites that look the same on their mobile phones as on a computer have become almost unusable.

Small text, images, almost invisible menu and navigation through the page are some of the main features of such pages, and users, if they have a choice in the form of competition, do not even bother to find something on them.

If your site is not responsive, that is, it is not adapted primarily to smartphones, it is almost as if it does not exist. In fact, it is often worse than that, as it gives a bad image of you.

Your business results are not satisfactory

Your business results are getting weaker, and almost nothing has changed in you and they shouldn't be like that? It is easily possible that the competition "eats" you, and one of the possible reasons is bad internet advertising, and if you have a bad or outdated website, it is quite probable, especially if you have an online store and your business largely depends on it.

Bad position in search engines, followed by bad design and non-functionality, and here are the problems to solve with redesign.

Users find it difficult to find relevant information

As we have already mentioned in the case of problems with the appearance of the website, it is very important to put together a design from which users will immediately see all the important information. If this is not the case on your site, users will not spend their precious minutes or even seconds but will go to the competition with a better website and find what interests them.

The website is not well optimized for search engines (SEO optimization)