We all know that 2020 was not a "normal" year. A lot of businesses are expected to grow and increase in their profits in the upcoming year of 2021. It is very important for businesses to make a digital pivot that will help them survive and thrive in these "new normal" times. That's why we're going to go over the top marketing trends that will save your business in 2021.

You business should consider exploring these trends to get more conversion and leads. These 2021 digital marketing trends will deliver the highest ROI, which means they will be a solid investment no matter what the financial position of your business is currently.

Focus on social media marketing

Social media marketing is sure to become one of the digital marketing trends in 2021 that has more emphasis placed on it. As of mid-2020, marketing budgets were spending a quarter of their money on social media marketing. Once the pandemic shifted consumer habits online, the focus on social media as a way to reach potential customers only grew. It’s expected for this trend to continue into 2021 and expand significantly.

Communicate about availability

With supply chains severely disrupted in 2020, one of the digital marketing trends in 2021 will be increased and better communication about the availability of items. Many businesses were struggling with their products going out-of-stock. This led to consumers heading to competitors who still had those items in stock. Making it possible to receive alerts once an item is back in stock can help keep customers from jumping ship.

Increased Segmentation

Holding onto your own customers and preventing churn is much cheaper than going out and getting new customers. In fact, it could be around five times less expensive to do so! When you keep your customers happy, they are likely to stay for the long haul. Segmenting customers allows you to personalize what your customers see, placing them in different email lists. This more targeted approach to marketing can help you save more on your advertising budget and keep customers happy.

Creating More Highly-Targeted Ads

Creating more highly-targeted ads is going to have greater importance as one of the digital marketing trends for 2021 for two reasons. One is that it will save advertising dollars. When you create user-targeted ads, you are factoring in the age, location, gender, and preferences of your target audience. People are more likely to click or tap on an ad that is personalized and more relevant to their interests.

Short-Form Videos

People have short attention spans these days. That’s why you need to hook them quickly. Short-form videos make that possible. Social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok are prime locations for this type of marketing tactic. If you want to reach Gen Z, then TikTok is the way to go. When you want to reach Millennials and Gen X, Instagram is your place. Short-form videos also work on Facebook, which is a prime location for reaching Baby Boomers. You’ll want to get in on this one because it is expected to be one of the top 2021 digital marketing trends.

Content Optimized for Search Engines

SEO is something that has been very important for years, and 2021 will be no different. There is a lot to know about SEO, especially since Google’s algorithm is regularly updated to factor in more elements. Today, there are around 200 elements it factors in when it comes to SEO. Content writing will be your main generator of organic traffic, so you want to create content that is interesting and helpful, while optimizing it so that it reaches the top of the search results.

Redesigning Websites

If you don’t have a website for your business yet, then definitely get one. If you already have one, then you should consider giving it a facelift. Make sure to use plenty of visual content that engages people and captures their attention. Also, make sure it’s secure with an SSL certificate. Your website should be mobile-friendly and load quickly.

Wrapping Up

To survive and thrive in 2021, you’re going to need to revamp your digital marketing strategy. When you keep these 2021 digital marketing trends in mind, you’re going to cement your place as a business that will do surprisingly well, considering everything that’s going on. It’s time to increase traffic, leads, and sales for your company, so start applying these digital marketing trends for 2021 today!