Social media has become a key to achieving product differentiation ​​and customer loyalty, as well as a platform where we can see the trends and opinions of those who trust us.

Placing special emphasis on social media marketing actions and strategies is an essential step for all businesses. So, how big is social media and how has it evolved today?

  • 33% of people’s “online time” is spent on a social media site or app. This means that social networks account for a third of the world’s internet usage.
  • It is the method most used by customers to express their opinions about a brand.

Keeping this in mind, it is not just missed opportunities we are talking about for a company without a social media presence - businesses simply can't survive without it.


Many potential customers often look for information on social networks before making a purchase because it is a way to find out more about the company with which they are going to share their bank details. Reasonable.

Therefore, it is essential that when they reach a brand's channel, it transmits the reliability they expect. For this, it is essential to design marketing strategies that lead to achieving several objectives:

  • Strengthening the brand image. With the execution of different actions and activities in social networks, a brand can be related to human values. The most difficult, but most importantly, are security and trust.
  • Strengthening customer service. Users have found social networks as the ideal channel to express their complaints. Whether a company grows or collapses depends on the customer's total satisfaction with their problem. And all this, in a matter of minutes since not responding quickly translates into a feeling of abandonment that the rest of the followers will also perceive.


Perhaps the lack of information or financial budget leads many companies to not grant the importance of having a Community Manager, an essential figure within their marketing strategies. There is a very widespread argument that leads to believe that, as we are all users, we are also potential professionals of social networks. Perhaps with an example, it will be clearer why you have to get the services of a Social Media professional. If we had a physical store, are we all good salespersons just because of the fact that we know how to speak? Being guided by professionals will always be the best decision.


The Community Manager has to be an expert in what to do within social networks. To do this, you will need to draw up specific marketing strategies based on an analysis of the market, the product, and a correct segmentation of the market you are targeting.

Once these points are located, it will be necessary to design an action plan for each of the social networks in which the company has a presence since the message must be adapted to each of them. Following are the ways to build a successful social media presence:

  • Regular updates. You have to be active in social networks reaching a balance in the frequency of the messages. Little information gives a feeling of neglect, while too much content in a short time saturates the user who may decide to stop following a company.
  • Offer quality content. We must establish a scale where the company comes to offer its own information, related to the sector and content intended for the entertainment of the user.
  • Feedback. Encouraging and strengthening user interaction with the company is essential for corporate branding and building trust in the product.

Therefore, an effective presence in social networks requires specific marketing strategies that lead the user to trust a brand and become a customer of it. Not only that, but a satisfied customer will be your most valued salesperson since he/she will be the one who recommends your brand.