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  • Client
    EZ Booker CRM
  • Industry
    Booking Software
  • Location
    Dubrovnik, Croatia


EZ-Booker is a Central Reservation System for tours and activities which goal is to help businesses increase their revenue. The main objective of this system was digitalizing the tour agency business process into one CRM application. To realize this idea and make it easy to use for both businesses and their clients, our team had to develop different solutions. These solutions include channel manager, booking engine, mobile app, and payment gateway.

EZ Booker system integrated Rent-a-car module and Cruising module as well. In this project, there have been multiple challenges adjusting the application to be scalable and easy to use while providing the agility and complexity every tour agency needs.

What we did



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The Beginning

The process started in 2018 with a detailed analysis of the current Tour Guide CRM market situation in Croatia. We concluded that the current situation and current CRM solutions lacked the potential regarding the diversity that tours and tour management systems offered. Our experience and knowledge of the hotel industry and hotel systems helped us build a brand new system that would cover all the aspects of tour management and tour online sales.

Preparation Phase

The Preparation phase started with the building of the back-end. While building the back-end, we kept the UX and UI in mind since we wanted our clients to have the best experience when importing their tours into the system. Our team has built this system focused on scalability since we knew that many tour providers have their way of doing things. Our main objective was to create a system that can support their needs.

EZ Booker's back-end system is build using a custom PHP framework that can handle a large number of requests over a short time. This is very important when building this type of system since it can have multiple connections to other channels like Viator, TripAdvisor, Adrenaline Hunter, etc.

At the same time, we developed a mobile app to suit clients' needs in terms of updating and controlling their tour sales.

The mobile app also serves as a notification endpoint where the client receives a notification about availability requests and new reservations.

Agile Design & Development

The design and development process took a couple of weeks. Each week we focused on building and finishing new modules in the system: Online Payment, Inventory, Price Calculation, and Pickup Locations Setup.

Until today, in 2021 EZ Booker has grown into a multi-service platform. Support for Cruises and Rent-a-Car has been added and connected to all other channels.

Ongoing Support and Development

EZ Booker project is still going strong while new clients arrive every day. Our team works continuously on upgrading, maintaining, and bringing the best experience to all new and existing clients.


The main goal was to build a cloud application that can simplify and boost tour agencies' business processes like sales, inventory tracking, sending an invoice, and online payment. Today, EZ Booker is a successful firm - the app our team developed has helped many other firms and agencies optimize their business results.