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  • Client
    Nota Kayaking
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    Tours and Activities
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Nota Kayaking is a small business developed by two local kayaking enthusiasts with a lot of experience. Their goal is to make every client feel and experience everything that they, as local kayakers, would.

Since they are in a highly competitive market and located in Dubrovnik, a city with numerous activity offerings, they realized they must stand out somehow. That is when they contacted us in need of a website that would represent what they do and offer to their clients. Blue Spark team has optimized the website even more by integrating the booking system to boost the sales.

What we did

Website/SEO/Booking Engine Integration


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The process started as the client contacted us in need of a website for the upcoming tourist season. We discussed the initial design and decided that we would follow the Nota Kayaking brand.

Preparation Phase

In the preparation phase, our team was deployed to collect all the needed information for the creation of the Nota Kayaking website.

Agile Design & Development

Since our team was working on a one-page layout, we managed to do the whole process rather quickly - just in time for the season. In this part we also integrated the booking system to provide the best experience to their clients.

Ongoing Website Support

After the final version of the website was released, we stayed in touch with the client if they needed any upgrades on the page.


Our team is glad that it helped the small business, Nota Kayaking, find its special place online and represent themseleves in the best way possible to its potential clients. By integrating a booking software on their website, we made sure that the webiste visitors can book the wanted kayaking tour in a completely hassle-free way. This later showed as a success since their revenue has increased.