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    Marine Environment Protection
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As part of the ProtectAS project, five partner institutions will conduct interdisciplinary research in the busiest Croatian cargo ports, Ploče and Rijeka. In addition to determining abiotic factors, the composition of planktonic communities, and the presence of viruses and pathogens, modeling of sea currents in ports will be performed based on field measurements, in order to determine the dynamics of species spread in ports.

The obtained data will be used to develop a plan of measures to combat and reduce the potentially harmful effects of the introduction of alien and harmful species by ships’ ballast water on biodiversity and marine ecosystems, bathing water, and human health. Our part in this project was to design a website and make a digital footprint to promote such activities.

What we did



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The process started with an on-site workshop to understand and define Protect AS business objectives. Their team had some specific requests regarding the website and features that they wanted to highlight. Our team made sure to listen and implement all the needed features to meet the ProtectAS' needs.

Preparation Phase

Protect AS made this phase very easy since they had all the needed materials for the website design. Most of Blue Spark's work here was to optimize the given materials to best suit the SEO needs for this project.

Agile Design & Development

We divided the design and development process into two weeks. The first week we worked on the design of the website, and the last week was dedicated to the improvement of text and mobile responsiveness.

Ongoing Website Support

After we released a final, complete version of the website, we continued to maintain it.


Creating a website and cooperating with ProjectAS was very special for the Blue Spark team as we exchanged our knowledge. We are delighted to support a project which focuses on the protection of the seas.